On Button Click Conversion Tracking

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Adam Lacey

Rather than count conversions once they hit a specific page, count conversions on a specific button click.


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Adam Lacey

Status changed to: Live


NO LABEL Studios

That’s great news Adam. Thanks for getting this underway before a Christmas. Hopefully early Jan I’ll be able to get the ball rolling with a few clients and conduct some tests.

Adam Lacey

Hey Everyone. A bit late updating the roadmap on this one but this feature is well underway with significant progress in the last few weeks.

Adam Lacey

Status changed to: In progress

Hui Mei

I agree, a must have. Will make it a great tool for affiliates

Paul Fournier

Definitely a must have for affiliate websites! And not just for a specific button click. But also for any links that just match a specific pattern... For example *amazon.com*

Adam Lacey

Really nice idea regarding perhaps matching a URL String. This is definitely something I'm willing to look at.

My main goal is to make sure everything is still easy to use and not much confusion in the UI so we are planning out some of these advanced features in a way that works for everyone :)

Paul Fournier

Yeah it's how Clicky does it also which is the most userfriendly website analytics in my experience.

See screenshot of how it looks in Clicky here: www.screencast.com/t/NIQKji5PL (the explanation below is expandable/collapsible tooltip)

Adam Lacey

Thanks for that, really helpful!

I'm going to add this to our internal project system so we can evaluate further.

I'm pretty sure this kind of feature will be coming, but it will take some time to make sure it's right.

Hopefully you grab the great deal on offer which is all going towards further development :)

Paul Fournier

Just adding this here for easy future reference, from our Facebook chat:

I think the URL pattern method is the most elegant, and the best solution if we're able to specify multiple patterns within the same test.

For example: when I want to have a [book on Agoda] + [book on Booking.com] link setup. Being able to set URL patterns for both within the same test is important.

Ideally I would like to be able to track both patterns combined in one stat, as well be able to see their stats separately, since which get clicked on most is very important data to have too.

Adding classes to track links is an option too, but it comes at the cost of setup speed and ease of use, since a class would need to be manually added to each link that a user wants to track, which for affiliates can be many.

Adam Lacey

Status changed to: Under review