CartFlows Integration

Adam Lacey

CartFlows integration so users can split test all part of their CartFlows setup as well as using a successful purchase as a conversion trigger.


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+1 for this!


Liam Miller

What is the time frame on this? I'm not a split hero user but will join once you add this. I need it to be able to test checkout / offer elements like with or without order bump, different settings or order of elements on checkout page

Adam Lacey

Hi Liam!

It's a bit tricky to put a timeframe on this one, unfortunately. Hopefully, I can get more of an idea soon and update you.

I do have a bit of a rough workaround that a couple of users have done so I will put it in the documentation and then you can see if this works for you as an interim fix :)

Sebastian Kopalek

Great idea! Looking forward this feature!

Adam Lacey

Status changed to: Planned

John Whitford

This is a great idea as it sounds like native split testing is many months away for the Cartflows team. Would be a great way to get Split Hero traction in the near term